December 21, 2012 (Toronto) DMT


Coming soon!


December 21, 2012 (Toronto) The Strays in NOW magazine


The Strays appeared in Toronto's NOW magazine's Holiday Gift Guide Edition as an appropriate gift for people over the holidays, isn't that nice of them? You can pick them up over Kid Icarus at 205 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON..


October 07, 2012 (Toronto) Free Posters!


Another studio find while clearing out...24"x36" various and random Orphans Posters on cartridge paper; they are slightly tattered on the edges but if you like 'em, they're yours- for free! charges do apply and they're $10.00 or drop by studio [contact me first please...] and pick one up. I believe there's about 30 posters and this 'offer' ends October 31st. After that, I will use them for really really rough toilet paper...


October 06, 2012 (Toronto) Curious finds...


So was clearing out studio and found these old drawings...i think they're kinda nice so im throwing them up here for memories sake...


October 02, 2012 (Toronto) Purge


Moving out of studio. Need to get rid of stuff. They're primarily paintings, some large some small some extra large. If you like what you see, throw me a shout and i givey youa good deal. Seriously--the delivery charges will probably be more expensive than the price you pay for any of these.


September 22, 2012 (Toronto) Querida and ATAW


I did some illustrations for a company called 'Querida' for iPhone and iPad wallet covers. They are made of real nice leather and hand crafted. They are selling in Toronto I believe at Deluxe at 793 Queen Street West...will keep you up to date as to where else you can find them.

Thanks to Querida for the photos....I know I wouldn't be able to make them look so nice...


September 20, 2012 (Toronto) YEBO


Ebony stained panel on gold...these guys are based on the 'twees' i call the series 'Yebo' [OBEY backwards...]. Essentially trying to create an abstract pattern effect that removes the definition of the individual characters and play with a more 'swarm' effect.


September, 2012 (Toronto) painting around ossington


So the awesome guys over at Well and Good let me paint my stuff with them in their ossington alley paint up day thing. Very cool and finally nice to get out and get some sun...pretty stoked that it made the papers as well...

Besides that, I'm just hanging back and enjoying the rest of the year...


July 15, 2012 (Toronto) DMT -'dimethyltryptamine'


New toy. Well, actually, kinda old as i found this paper prototype while cleaning up studio. I remodeled it in the computer and playing around with it...soft opening this Friday July 20, 2012 at 627 Queen Street West for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bigger opening sometime in Autumn...I figure I'll resin cast these regards to the name, DMT for now because the word is, imho, mellifluous...although i might create a narrative on this very fascinating chemical--supposedly it's the stuff that your brain excretes when you die to keep you calm with the 'light at the end of the tunnel' and 'seeing your life flash before your very eyes' effect...ALTHOUGH, i was just informed that it can also stand for Don't Masturbate stuff English majors say...


May 12, 2012 (Toronto) More Strays


Strays work-in-progress for a show at 627 Queen Street West coming June 8, 2012 and another date in July that I forget. More info. to come soon.


April 30, 2012




April 23, 2012 (Everywhere) Great Minds of Design


I'm going to be on TV with Sean Martindale and Posterchild for a show called 'Great Minds of Design.' Our segment is called 'Urban Redesign' and focuses on our previous urban interventions including Sean's Planter Boxes, Posterchild's Mario boxes and my 'icehands.' Check it out tonight 8pm Eastern on CBC Documentary or CBC Bold. I don't have a TV myself but did see the preview and it's quite nice. The Globe and Mail has called it 'an interesting and thoughtful new series' in a blurb today.


April 7, 2012 (Toronto) Tape!


Using colored tape to inject some vibrancy into otherwise drab or poorly maintained urban infrastructure. The idea of using colored tape is to create a taut vibrant 'skin' over everyday objects, imbuing them with a more mythic quality. That was my artspeak just; I am having fun with these things and hope to do more 'ambitious' objects around the city in the near future.

A quick test with a block of wood I found.


A before and a weight loss commercial!




I'm also planning to do an 'ambitious' music project with stop motion possibilities. As I dont know how to optimize a gif, good luck looking at this one if you have a crappy connection...


February 28, 2012 (Toronto) Stuff from past couple months...


I have been hermiting it out for the past couple months. Here's a small batch of what I've done during this time. This stuff is now on consignment with the lovely ladies at Miracle Thieves on Dundas and Crawford and the always awesome Kid Icarus in Kensington Market. Go check them out.

"me so sleepy"


"me so happy" (on drugs)


"me so happy too" (get your muttonchops cut ya doucebage)


"me so sewius"


"me so big"


"me so cold"


"me so sad"


"me so IN YOUR FACE"


besides this, I have got other things rolling around in my head that I think will be rather neat once I actually get them done...hopefully soon...


December 6, 2011 (Toronto) Ninja Cats...


Ninja Cats...'nuff said.


November 26, 2011(Toronto) Relative Space...



Relative space installation at 365 Dupont Street. Thanks to Robin and Fraser for taking these guys in...


November 22, 2011 (Toronto) A couple shows...


A couple shows coming up to warm up the winter time. First is an installation at Relative Space at 365 Dupont street. I get to make a giant mural with the orphans and hopefully throw some of those giant bunny/cat guys doing something...



And the Orphans Plush are at it again for the Handmade Holiday with Kid Icarus for December 3, 2011 and City of Craft happening at the Theater Centre December 10 to 11. Thanks to Mike, Bianca, Jordie and Beckie for bringing me in on these shows...i'm probably not the best crafter out there but I truly appreciate the nods.


November 14, 2011 (Toronto)





playing with leaves and threading them with needles. i'm figuring someone has done this before but was a great way to spend a warm sunny afternoon. i wanted to do a bigger one but work sucks right now so didn't get to invest all the time in the world for this one.


And some cool stuff over the web...this one saying how awesome my work is and how I should actually be getting paid incredible amounts of money to do this stuff and be gracing galleries left right and centre...of course, that hasn't happened


And the only image salvaged from my time in London, taken from a screen grab on the Dezeen least it looks like there were lots of people chilling with the big orphan in the background


And i finally made it to 5000 views on the old flickr page. I guess that's a good thing, but maybe not considering it took so freaking long...


October 16, 2011 (New York and London)





Stuff from New York, done for the Dumbo Arts Festival. Emoticon guys were done by Sofia Dobrev, who makes cool terrariums here.

I lost my camera, so all the cool stuff from the Dezeen platform and work in London was lost, as was other stuff in NY. goddammit...i suck...


August 31, 2011 (Toronto) back again...


Heading off to NY and London this fall for some shows with the Orphans, some Strays and lots and lots and lots of paste...ciao.


August 1, 2011 (Toronto) Last one I promise...


Bastardized Macarena dance...Last one i swear to god...i promise...not...

July 31, 2011 (Toronto) Peek a boo

Another annoying gif for your pleasure...I guess all I gotta say is at least I'm having fun doing this...


July 30, 2011 (Toronto) Prototype Cat Toy


Prototyping a plush toy with a wireframe so it can stand and move and i can make annoying animations like this:


Although soft and cuddly and innocent looking, he's basically motioning that he's going to slice your fucking throat off and shove it where the sun don't shine...


More to come soon...


July 10, 2011 (Toronto and Hong Kong) Vacation and Studio Door



Was away in Hong Kong for a couple weeks...did a minor toy drop, nothing special. Top one is the Orphan chilling at Lantau island and the bottom one is another negotiating the MTR system...



Coming back to Toronto, I fixed up the studio garage door. Basically, it was me or some graff. chumps and I've been meaning to do it for a while so I guess that was a good motivation. I hardly do these 'garage comissions' but I think it turned out OK--always fun to test one of the smaller works on a larger scale and to play with patterns like that...

And a detail...


June 12, 2011 (Toronto) Late in the game and more paintings


Been awhile and considering it's June, I'm a bit late in the game here for new pastings...





And some more paintings over the past month...





May 22, 2011 (Toronto) New paintings 2011


New paintings for 2011. I'm much happier working with the orphans idea in this distressed 'throw it all on the canvas' manner mixing both paste up with spraying and painting. Feels great to do these.


May 14, 2011 (Toronto) Sand or Dirt stencil


I'm fussing with this dirt or sand stencil idea to be placed on sidewalks around parks or trees to create 'fuzzy urban boundaries.' Above image a test process pic. I think it will be an interesting result if I can start growing things in the dirt...


April 30, 2011 (Toronto) Orphans Spring Walk


It was a brilliant blue Saturday so I decided to take a hike and drop some Orphans around town. If you find them, they're yours...


April 27, 2011(Toronto) FAT Installation

FAT (Alternative Fashion Week) install done over 24 hours. Thanks to Jacob, Ollie and Nikole for helping out--it was a toughie but I like the massive textile/isometric effect it creates and it was a good run to do it on a 1:1 scale. Detail pics below and will try to get some 'crowdy' pics that seem to be popular these days...





Jacob installing. From the silhouette I could almost claim Prince was helping me out on this project...


Ollie installing - the orange stripes on the shirt work well...he totally meant to do that.


Nikole installing fashionably dressed in architecture black...


April 17, 2011 (Toronto) Paint Chips revisited


Saw this on Google street view and was pleasantly of the paintchip pieces I was playing around with in 2009. It's strange how things last in the digital realm...


March 29, 2011 (Toronto) Textile Wall concepts for fat


Process composite pics of a textile tile wall for Alternative Fashion Week or FAT happening April 22-26, 2011. Working with Jacob, Ollie and Nikole (aka J.O.N.), we're suggesting a 'chaordic' wall system based on an isometric grid that pops out of the wall and creates a random pattern out of a 'simple' grid tile. The initial prototype will be at FAT and cut out of chipboard. Future versions ideally will be something more sturdy so the wall can suggest possible functions, i.e: coat rack, book display, things to hang stuff on. It'd also be interesting to play with this on the streets as well.... I like the one above the best as it suggests a 'frozen' moment, as if a moment of snow falling was distilled and momentarily stopped in time.


This was the intial test, playing around with the polygon. Although a lot of potential, we had a hard time justifying why a polygon was a building we didn't like the 'aztec' look of the background...too art decoish..yech..


This was the second attempt and we thought probably too rigid for a suggestion of a chaordic system...


And just for the hell of it, a pic from a hard and late night of cutting and testing ideas. Yes, I'm running a slave ship here. I figure we need to get this laser cut but if push comes to shove I'm gonna run these mofos too the ground like some prima donna starchitect/designer person...LOL....and, no, Vitamin Water, Minute Maid, Ripple potato chips and Olfa knifes did not sponsor this's free product placement for them so boo-hoo to all those anti-advertisers out there...


March 18, 2011 (Regina and Toronto and Paris!) Thing I forgot and Things Coming Up


So I'm a bit absent minded these days...i think it's all the paints in the backroom that are getting to me. Anyways, I forgot to update my time in Regina back in February where I was doing icehands for a documentary about street art. This one is signing 'chilling' because, well, it was FUCKING cold out there...I think I've been spoiled by the balmy weather here in Toronto. Anyways, it was a surreal experience and totally awesome that the crew put me up for a couple days.


Detail of the 'chilling' ice hands. Basically I 'froze' the hands to the wall with plain old water.


I also fussed with some benches, filling in the slats in between with snow to write HI and some big eye thing. I would have like to have explored this idea more, i.e: create an awesome wrapping helical effect but I guess I have to wait for next winter...


and just for the hell of it, i'm throwing up this old window tag...i'm just surprised this lasted so long(over a year...)


Now on to the upcoming show stuff which, if you can make it, would be really awesome:

1. I'm working with Jacob, Ollie and Nikole (AKA J.O.N) on the Alternative Fashion Week FAT Dressing Room project between April 26-29 at 99 Sudbury in Toronoto. We're doing something tentatively titled 'Untitled Wall System' because we actually have no idea what we're doing right now. It should turn out awesome though. Check it out. Should be a fun one.


2. XPACE is having a Wing Dings talk and workshop with Posterchild, Sean and I April 3 from 2-5pm. Be there to hear us wax philosophic about why we do what we do and also help to do crazy shit with us.


3. Supposedly the Poster Pocket Plant work will be part of an exhibition at the "Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine" in Paris, France called "Jardiner la ville." That sounds pretty sweet to me. I have no idea what they're going to do with it, but, hey, it's in Paris...that's just plain awesome.


February 14, 2011 (Toronto) Tree Snow Hearts or Happy Valentines Day


It's been a while and it's the first post of the new year! I'll try to start off on an optimistic note although I've been totally hibernating and sketch booking stuff and generally feel like shit right now. Anyhoooooow I'll show that stuff the mean time:

I thought this was a pretty cool idea (although hindsight might say something later...) and it's simple enough that anybody can do too! Basically, I thought this would be a nice gesture for valentines day--two marks on trees combined together to make a heart. Aw shucks... I like the idea of it being as random and serendipitous as any sort of relationship...that you happen to be there at the right moment to meet someone great...or not...LOL.

I guess I see this as a "puzzle for the city" as I threw up a bunch of these along streets and parks in Toronto and if you're wandering around you don't understand the marks until you're at the 'right' place to figure out the marks on the trees.


November 13, 2010 (Toronto) Back on the Streets


Throwing the stuff from the upART show on the streets. I think it works better this way...



And, coming back from my (short) time in Windsor, I've thrown some flower/leaves textures around town. I think it works nicely with the humble, albeit boring, bus shelter and injects some personality into anotherwise typical bus shelter. This one was slightly aborted as a group of transit bus employees started screaming at me about private property issues. Hey, I pay for your salary and the bus shelter upkeep, the least I can do is give some opinion on the matter of how dull these things look...


November 9, 2010 (Toronto) New Toy Launch: The Squints


I probably should(and probably will)make a bigger deal about this, but I've launched a new toy called 'The Squints.' Basically they're solid plastic toys that are custom painted to look like Monday morning bad asses in serious need of a cigarette and an espresso. They're about 2"x3" and, as always, are looking for some TLC.


Much like the Orphans plush series or generally most of my art, I'm interested in playing with levels of artistic mass production while still injecting an illustrative flair into the whole process. As of now, each one is custom painted with varying effects and facial expressions and signed on the bottom of their little booties.


As to why I'm delving into the realm of toys again, I think it's a fun and accessible way of delving into more serious topics like Walter Benjamin or Marshall McLuhan(neither of which I read with any diligence...I just put them in here to make me sound intelligent). No seriously, toys are such a wonderfully disarming way into an often sombre narrative of mass production and the lack of artistic integrity that follows soon after that fact. More on that later...for now, enjoy the page coming soon with a gallery of the toys...


November 7, 2010 (Toronto) Nothing Lasts Forever or Emo This Shit Up


So I decided to become a fucking poet for this one--it says 'Nothing Lasts Forever' and formed with leaves. It's all about creating a brief gesture before it all gets blown away/buffed by mother nature and the words and materials reflect that ephemerality. Nothing close to the stuff the Rilke pulls out but a small polite gesture for the end of autumn.... I personally think it's a bit emo-ish but I figure I'm not white enough or arty enough to become one...LOL. But seriously, I think it works in 'capturing the moment.'


Oh yeah, I also completely forgot to mention I was in an Art Battle in Toronto back in late September. I totally sucked ass and lost in the first round but, man, given twenty minutes, I pulled some scary people outta my ass. Geez go Freud up this one--I guess I'm afraid of clown ladies smoking cigarettes in the city...pic below courtesy of(well not really...) Art Battle Toronto



November 4 2010 (Toronto) Robbie is awesome


Robbie is awesome.Robbie is awesome.Robbie is awesome.Robbie is awesome. Robbie is awesome.Robbie is awesome.Robbie is awesome.

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October 21 2010 (Toronto) The Squints and The upArt show


This was the Gladstone Hotel's upART show. I threw up large Orphan characters on the wall, created a mobile installation, Orphans plush in boxes and introduced The 'Squinty Eye' Orphan or just 'Squints' to the family.


I'll do a proper write up soon for these guys, but they're finally the first plastic toys I'm making. They look like obese fry guys from the 80's McDonald's commercials with slick paint jobs.

As usual, I'm an idiot and didn't take too many pics and didn't even take any pics during the opening to just show you how many people adored my work. Shucks...Anyhow, I'll leave with a couple Orphans plush that are topping off the year...



The Gladstone Hotel's upART Show October 29 to 31st, 2010



I'm back at the Gladstone Hotel for the upART Show happening October 29 to 31st. You should come by, drop in and say hello. I have a couple old guys kicking around up for grabs and I'll be releasing a new toy at this show so it should all be fun and games.

To be honest, I can't say I particularly enjoy doing gallery shows but, hey, this one might actually be fun(I could have definately used the money I sunk into this thing to buy an X-box and squirrel away for a couple months). Plus, the venerable Narwhal Art Gallery is showing their shit too so I figure I'm in half decent company. I only make that plug to make my stuff look good too. LOL.

Seriously though: check out the show. 1214 Queen Street West.


September 21, 2010 (Toronto) The Hive and Orphans Paintings


So here's the Choad sculpture in action. Basically, it's laminated cardboard of varying profiles that we hacked onto hyrdo poles. We call this series the Hive because of it's organic form running up against urban infrastructure.


Jacob and Oliver worked their asses off on this one to get it up and running so a big congratulations to them...i basically stood back and enjoyed the show... I think it's pretty myself and creates a nice softness to the urban environment.


Having said that, our sculpture are admittedly comparable to a choad and a large donair spit...LOL...we had fun with this one. This is one of the few legit projects that I've done and, man, we're the organizers livid about what we did, calling us amateurs and what not. I like the absurdity of it all and maybe these people should chill the fuck out. Then again, I guess people have money and 'art careers' riding on this thing...good for them. I guess I'll just wind up at starbucks or some uber-hip coffee joint serving those brooding assholes 5$ americanos while they contemplate hegellian


So here's me horsing around with a pizza box right next to the 'donair' sculpture...


Here's the obligatory pic of kids being fascinated with the sculpture. The best part, though, is the mother with the WTF? look smeared across her face while she desparetely struggles with the kids


we also made a pig that we stuck to a bank...


and this is a process of how we did it. Basically we jigsawwed the profiles then laminated them together. Surprisingly exhausting work but I guess that's what crazy architects like Ollie and Jacob do...


Studio shot of Ollie and Jacob fussing with the Choad and the Donair


This was our initial process sketch. Our ambitions were a little much but I definately want to try something like this again...soon...


Oh yeah, I did some paintings as well during this period of The Orphans which most people don't actually get to see. So basically these paintings are produced from the slant of the 'artifact in the city' and have severely distressed Orphans on a found panel. I like it...and they're available for purchase once I get that part of the site up and running...


September 7, 2010 (Toronto) Choads, Goodbyes, Twees and Coming soon...


A couple things on the plate since August and September...


So I've hooked up with the old architecture mates once again to do some crazy cardboard sculptures. We're doing 'fluid dynamic forms' out of cardboard and we're being super ghetto with this one--no CNC milling, just plain old good jigsawing the shit out of this thing. I think it looks sexy as hell, although at the same time a bit 'choadish' More to come and full details in a weeks time...


It's time I said goodbye to the big guy...I'm moving and there's no room anymore for some lazy guy who won't say a damn thing and doesn't even clean the house when Im busy at work... There'll be a couple more of these guys popping up hanging around park and bus benches here and there. Be on the look out! If you find one, it's pretty much yours because I can guarantee these are pretty much going in the dump if you're not adopting them...



Back in August, I painted a whole bunch of twee guys and gals on a corner unit--kudos to Kathryn Money(AKA 'K$'--best intials ever...) for letting me haphazardly ruin her corner unit...LOL. I think it turned out alright, although I do curse my mobile camera for not taken better pics.


And these bad boys are coming soon...I got a prototype running and playing around with moldmaking.... I'm intending to debut these guys for Gladstone's upArt show happening at the end of October. Be there and pick one up at a super sweet price...more details later.


oh yeah, for all those who constantly harass me about my crappy web design, i'm fully aware it looks ghetto and my pics are crap-it's kinda done on purpose to acheive that 'real' 'off-the-street' look[I'm being sarcastic here...]. I'm planning a revamp in the near future and it should look nice enough to show your mother...


August 22, 2010 (Toronto) The Queen Street West Buff



So it's summer, bit bored and not getting out much these days-- I'm just doing some paintings. This series is called 'The Queen Street West Buff.' Basically playing with ideas of buffing, tagging and overlaying people to suggest some sort of emphemeral quality to the city. Or, im just enjoying enjoying throwing shit on found boards...


August, 2010 (Toronto) London Street Art Anthology



I didn't know this was even published, but i guess i got a double spread in the London Street Art Anthology back in 2009 for the 'Ghosts' work I did back in 2009 in Brick Lane. Man, this brings back memories....

Also Piero Arico got published in it too! Golden calves and what not! Very cool... Purchase the book here


June 20, 2010 (Windsor) SRSI Residency


So I got invited to do the Storefront Residencies for Social Innovations with Broken City Lab down in Windsor, Ontario. Basically they're rotating 25 artists over a month to do whatever with a series of derelict storefronts. I decided to make an interior urban park by rolling sod here and there as well as kick some around the city to spruce things up a little bit. A bit absurd, but I do like the surreal delight of an unexpected green space in the city.


As it progressed other artists and what not decided to play some badminton on the thing...very cool. The pic above courtesy of Broken City lab


June 20, 2010 (Windsor) Residents of the Apocalypse

A series of mini portraitures of the 'Residents of the Apocalypse,' meandering individuals walking amongst the detritus of a broken city, the chicest thing about them being their swank gas masks. Basically, I made about a hundred of these guys with sharpies on clear vinyl sticker paper and popped them around all the derelict storefronts or posterboards in downtown Windsor. Fun while it lasted...


June 18, 2010 (Windsor) SRSI Residency and other Shenanigans



So I found myself in the middle of, uh, Windsor Ontario(AKA: offense to all the Windsorites out there--you guys have a beautiful waterfront at least) to run along with the cool cats at Broken City Lab for their Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation project. I'll throw those pics up as soon as I can but I'm playing around with some other ideas as well:


First one up for the day: 'Urban Decorating' with clear vinyl wrap. Again, I like the idea of modularity(this time a series of graphically illustrated leaves) creating a wrappable pattern around urban objects, etc. Also, it's a seemingly absurd idea that seems to do little in 'helping' a place, but at the same time creates a certain amount of grace and dignity to the medicore and often irrevant placement of urban infrastructure.


And yeah, I had way better pics of everything and other stuff but guess what? My mobile got fried! Yikes so basically all my awesome photos went down the drain. I'll try to make do with what I got for now...


June 6, 2010 (Toronto) Cool I got to do a guitar!



I got do somebody's guitar! Super fun...thansk to Ujwal and Ricardo who'll have a website up shortly and pics to follow with the full thing assembled.


May 09, 2010 (Toronto) Mergers and Acquisitions Hit the Street



Tossed a couple of these guys up on a long stretch of hoarding off of Bathurst and Queen. I knew they were going to be pasted over pretty quickly(2hrs time for the posterboys to go at it--yikes!) but hey, i was curious about the effect that I could create. Fun while it lasted, I call this one 'Portrait of a City Going Mad.'


April 28, 2010 (Toronto) Mergers and Acquisitions



So i totally forgot to say that my flickr account has been upgraded so i'm throwing a bunch of stuff i usually don't show up there--like the painting above, aptly and cycnically titled Mergers and Acquisitions. Had fun with this series, getting back to the basics and keeping it all real messy and raw. Check for this and other stuffhere


April 17, 2010 (Toronto) ATAW+Longboard Living





The nice dudes at Longboard Living located at 74 Oxford Street in Toronto offered me a free longboard to paint up and do crazy shit on. This one was a lot of fun--it's called 'mushroom cloud' because the tank is blowing up stuff, the graf form is the cloud and two Adams at the bottom are there simply because there is no god to stop our mad shit. Yeah, kinda cynical and silly but I'm digging the new direction I'm can purchase the board at Longboard Living here


April 2, 2010 (Toronto) Fun with a Paddle for a ROM fundraising gala



I was invited to do a paddle for an upcoming ROM fundraising gala. These are preliminary pics--it has yet to be painted inside green and given a nice clear coat varnish--but i like the idea of create a fragile, detiorated form out of a solid piece of wood. Lots of hand drilled perfortions that nearly drove me crazy if it wasn't for the pack of cigarettes i had with me...LOL. But seriously, real fun to do. More deets later.


March 25, 2010 (Toronto) Fun at Metrohall



So we got to put our work up at the holiest of holy sites in the city of toronto--Metrohall baby! LOL! So we put our Poster Pocket Plants with Sean Martindale on one column and set up a milk crate pedestal and threw a large garbage bag Orphan Plush on the other. Considering that we were installing in ground zero of city bureaucracy, the big guy is aptly named 'Rip van Winkle' and he's a manager at the city. This one was fun...thanks to Manifesto's Fahim Gibrelle and Giles Monette for the invite...


March 22, 2010 (Toronto) Some backlog


Some stuff done last year that I just found kicking around the dustbins of my old computer...I honestly can't say I remember doing this one...


March 22, 2010 (Toronto) PPP gets published!

So something cool got dropped off in the mailbox last week! The Poster Pocket Plants got published in some posh(18.50 euros-yikes!) landscape architecture magazine called 'paisea' that's published out in spain and those guys generously sent us two copies to drool over. On the page next to our is the Brick Lane skip-- it's funny that i was there the exact day that photo was taken. Sheesh, it's a small world after all. And apologies for the low-res crap mobile pic--i still need to spring for one of those fancy 5000000 megapixel cameras those young people sell these days...


February 14, 2010 (Toronto) Quietly Rustling in the wind, slowly pulling apart


So I cut some poetry into a peeling birch tree for some aw..shucks lovin'. although i dont have so great pics, the whole is what it says above...


January, 10 2010 (Toronto) Public Space show and other Silly Stuff...



Do come out to the PUBLIC SPACE show happening at the Propeller Gallery Thursday January 20th-30th. It's being curated by The Globe and Mail's Architecture critic Christoper Hume (man, do i feel like I'm in the BIG leagues and supposedly he's giving a lecture along with all the free booze so it should be a fun time all around. Check it out if you have time--Propeller Gallery more or less at Queen and Ossington. I'm also stoked that our image got on the cover of all the mail outs and postcards...



Also, I'm feeling silly so here's to a boy Twee Tree and girl Twee Tree blissfully holding hands. I'm only doing this because I finally got to make a plush toy stand on its own!


January, 5 2010 (Toronto) Eyes in the City...


Happy new year and that other blah blah blah it's cold out again, but not cold enough for some ice hands which i'm dying to do so i've decided to run with a series tentatively titled 'eyes in the city.' The technique is nothing new-- i assume a bajillion artists have slotted styrofoam cups into chainlink fences -- but I'm digging this series because of it's figurative qualities in the city and the play on 'eyes on the city,' or 'eyes in the city' and the whole big brother thing. Not that I think I'm referencing big brother here, but it's always arresting to see faces, etc. staring at you and where they're placed. I'm also interested in seeing these eyes disintegrate as either nature or people begin to remove the cups. I'm also planning to make an entire face, but that'll be further down the road.


and for the intelligentsia/academic out there, I'll try to write something a bit more profound than what I just said later...


December, 4 2009 (Toronto) TWEE TREES...


No idea where this idea came from except some REAL late nights smoking and drinking and doing pretty much nothing else, but I'm digging how awfully disgustingly cute these bad boys are...and I'm throwing them up on trees around town just in time for some badly needed Christmas decorating. In that vein, I'm tentatively calling them Twee Trees with the story being that these guy are woodland creatures(man, never thought I go all Lord of the Rings here...) or something that appear after the leafs have fallen or some nonsense like that. If you can think of a better story, I'd like to hear it so give me a shout through e-mail. And, of course, I'm also hustling these guys if you happen to bump into me...


Me being such a nice aw-shucks kind of guy, if you do happen to come across them, I encourage you to take one down and bring 'em home--I think it'd make a nice Christmas present or decoration!


On another note, considering that these guys are just so friggin' cute, I guess I've just blown up all my supposed badass street cred. oh well. LOL


November 13, 2009 (Toronto)

So finally got enough cash to do some bigger Orphans. More to come super soon!

Basically, I made all these plush toys and figured it would be interesting to see them on the street real big! I like how the patterns and b+w photo-quality work with its surroundings...


November 1, 2009(Toronto) "My Favorite PPP"


Having flipped through a shwack load of Poster Pocket Plant photos, this was my favoritie image of the Poster Pocket Plants done back in August with Sean Martindale. Something about folding away the mouth and turning it into a planter screams STFU...

More to come next year...


October 25, 2009 (New York)

So I got to head down to New York for the weekend alongside Teeth and Sean Martindale and put up some work alongside a whole shwack load of artists for the 2nd NYSAT project headed up by the very cool Jordan Seiler (who, in my own humble opinion is a splitting image of Trent Reznor...). Had loads of fun putting up my work, didn't get arrested(like some unlucky few) and, hell, got a chance to go back to New York.

Thanks very much to Toronto's own legendary Posterchild for putting the crew up and inviting us all down! Although he's tearing it up in NY, I'm glad he's coming back to good ol' Toronto to inject some much needed energy here!

Unfortunately, my cell phone sucked and died before I could take any decent pics, but here's a couple shots grabbed from the 'net and the appropriate links to the photographers. If you're the photographer and absolutely hate having your photos shared, give me a shout and I'll take them down.



I guess due to popular demand, I've set up a BULK PURCHASE ORDER form for The Orphans Plush for anybody wishing to stock the Orphans Plush in their store or to simply hoard some for their own nefarious purposes....check The Orphans Plush mini-site for more info.


October 14, 2009 (Toronto)

So Google Streetview finally descended upon Toronto and, oh, looky here at what it found back in the summer! It's those pesky Poster Pocket Plants tearing into a precious (illegal) billboard! Lulz! Thanks to Sean for the acute observation...


--NUIT BLANCHE!!!! October 3, 2009 (Toronto)

So this is what we did for NuitBlanche in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel. Essentially, I gathered five real awesome artists and we went wild in the room, splattering paint everywhere and pasting our crazy shit on the wall. We put it all on canvas so that it maybe be preserved for some other gallery show or, if you're ballsy, you can purchase a piece per square foot...




And here's the stuff I wrote for the exhibit:




Thanks very much to:

Piero Arico



Sean Martindale and

Nicole Torok


for participating! To emphasize, thanks very much to Piero Arico for pulling himself out of a gorgeous sunshiny Italy to be here in Toronto. The guy doesn't give himself enough credit for being an artist so I'll hustle for him--the guy's awesome and possibly the next great undiscovered raw talent--contact him here.


September Something...i forget, 2009 (Toronto)


Sooooo....... Sean and I -- "The Poster Pocket Planters" got invited to discuss our work on the very cool "Late Night in the Bedroom" art video website. Very cool people and you should support these guys by checking out the Whipper Snapper Gallery--possibly one of the better artist-run-gallery out there. If you're wondering why I look a bit distant it's because, admittedly, I drank one too many prior to the show(hey, it was free for heaven's sake!) so kudos again to Sean for backing our asses up on this one--what an eloquent guy...


--August 10, 2009 (Toronto) The Show at Rolly's and Cool Ossington Stories Part 1...


This was the Rolly's show about two weeks back. I got to deck out the outside and inside. was a big fat delicious hit. Resulting from the show was a fantastic consignment with KID ICARUS which is now stocking The Orphans Plush that are waiting for some TLC and also one of the better Ossington stories I have:

Basically, I was uninstalling the show and two lovely people named Chris and Tara came up on a Friday evening and dropped down $300 on a 12' canvas pasteup. Yes, $300 is an absolute steal for a 12' canvas but I kinda like it when people make crazy impulse purchases beyond the regular stick of gum at the grocery store. Now, I'm thinking a dude with a 12' wall in a condo must be INSANELY rich or something.... anyways, an awesome piece of the show is now most likely gracing the interior of a penthouse suite in the King and Bay if only I could get somebody like David Bowie or Prince to drop by...

Oh yeah, I've also tentatively been signed up for the KENSINGTON BLACK OUT FESTIVAL happening outside Kid Icarus on August 16th. Check it out and cross your fingers it won't freakin' rain this time... . peace

I also apologize for the level of 'assness' of my photos. I've been taking these off my mobile until I can afford one of those shiny new digital cameras. And my flickr site reached 200 photos so I won't be updating that for a while unless I can pony up for their 'pro' service... care to help?


July 18 and 19, 2009 (Toronto) Two Big Fat and Delicious Hits



SATURDAY "a peek of things to come...":

So the very cool girls at Rolly's Garage at 124 Ossington gave me free space(!!!) for 2 weeks at the end of July to throw my stuff up.


I decided to run with The Orphans and did up the exterior wall this weeked. Met a very cool artist named Wax.Head and I threw up some of his work on the wall as well. Dude's only 16 and he's already pumping work out like mad and hustling his own shirts Dov Charney style at Spadina and Queen West. Man, the kids these days are absolutely amazingly talented. The only thing I remember doing when I was sixteen was sitting in front of the tele and burning my retinas with images of Metal Gear Solid on the good ol' PS1. Watch out for this guy--he's going to tear shit up in the very near future. Oh, and I'd buy one of his shirts before he becomes rich and famous... check his flickr site here.


So the work is all part of an upcoming improntu show happening at the end of July with an opening tentatively set for Saturday July 25, 2-6pm that piggy backs onto the Nightfall Market starting 7pm-midnight at Rolly's. So overall, a very cool day to be out on Ossington.


The opeing will be the perfect day to meet me in person(although I'm probably kinda boring and disappointingly not that awesome) and a chance to see an improntu art show happen right before your very eyes as well as possibily purchase a piece or two from me as well as other awesome crafters/hustlers such as these guys(they're "white slips" shirt is pure genius..).


As I'm not that famous the prices are currently ridicously awesome ranging from $20 posters, $25-35 plush dolls, to massive 24"x48" live street art work going for $100!!! See the invite, etc. here and spread the word.



So Sean and I decided to take out a billboard with our Poster Pocket System. Loads of plants this time, and we were a bit wiser to use succulents, grasses and spider plants that can take a beating and keep on ticking. This time, the boys and girls from Torontoist decided to tag along, getting up at 5am in the morning(!?) to take photos and just see what all the crazy fuss was about. Very cool of them and especially thanks to editor-in-chief David Topping for being an enthusiastic supporter. I guess I owe him a beer or two or three for ruining his Saturday night.


The funny thing with the billboards is that these things get wildposted so quickly. I guess I was optimistic about this one as the first set of planters lasted quite a bit, but those poster boys went to town on this one a day later. Sheesh--vicious like rabid dogs they are.


So I guess the lesson learnt here is don't fuck with the billboards(even the illegal ones) and watch out for the Yoda-like Old Chinese Women who come by and try to steal plants(and that's a story I only tell if you get to meet me in person...)


Sean and I like this idea so much we're producing a blog to keep track of our thoughts and installs over at


July 6, 2009 (Toronto) Urban Wall System No. 1


A further addition to our Natural Urban Interventions. I see this as an improntu architectural green wall system(or a satire of one) that is cut out of existing poster spaces. Some may call it a little guerrila gardening but I see this more as an 'Urban Hack' in its ability to jam an urban system and provoke reaction.


Anyhow, I like the idea so much and it seems pretty fun to do, that we're tossing the design out 'there' for free for you to use. Go to town and make your city awesome by clicking and opening the .pdf here. For such a craaaazzzzyyy idea, the planter is actually pretty simple folding geometry and I'm confident that you can develop much more refined and complex planter systems and shapes. Such as:


Kudos to artist Sean Martindale for the help and colloborative talk on the Spadina post. He diligently developed it from my random, chaotic cutout concept into a more refined corkscrew pattern and, along that line, established a more minimal planter cutout through the use of conical geometry. Plus, the dude got up at 5am on a Sunday to help me out with the planting! Dude is super cool--link to his website when it's up.


And I actually wrote thoughts on this one in my poorly updated blog. Muse through my ideas here.



July 1, 2009 (Toronto) cools:


Another post on Torontoist's 'Vandalist' blog. 2 in a month-nice. Check it here


*UPDATED JULY 5, 2009*


Not to toot my own horn, but some cool stuff came up over the past couple days:



Got on the cover of the HOME issue of the "Don't Panic" magazine in London. As the cover was about 'The Orphans' I figured giving it away as a 'free print' for the dudes to find a home seemed like a good concept and having them on the cover of an alt. magazine was appropriate in that respect.


More importantly, if YOU would like a a super limited edition signed cover(only 10 available!) I'm essentially tossing these badboys away for FREE--you're just paying a flatrate shipping fee of $15 to where ever you may be...(for the collectors out there, the cover is a 9"x9" print on kraft paper signed and numbered by me) click the PayPal link to grab yours. SORRY - SOLD OUT


You can also check the Don't Panic website and see a bunch of pretty (drunk) English girls and boys holding the mag up the right here.



Got me a radio interview on CBC's radioactive with regards to the POST NO BILLS, POST PRETTY ART project back in Edmonton. Awesome. Don't know how they'll spin it, but at this stage, any exposure is good exposure. Listen to it here and check their site here



Got posted to Torontoist's 'Vandalist' blog after being here for only 3 days. LULZ. Check it here .


May 26, 2009 (Edmonton)


More Stuff from "Post No Bills, Post Pretty Art"

Dance! Just some doodling on a board.


Paint Chip art! Here's your mission: go grab a bajillion paint chips from your local paint store and create a nice mosaic around town.

I find stapling these up easier than pasting as the edges of the paint chip start to curl.


'The Creation of Whatever.' It's always nice to see recontextualized masterpieces in our urban core.


-- May 10, 2009 (Edmonton)
Revision: "Post No Bills, Post Pretty Art"

So I'm in Edmonton, AB. and I put some work up a derelict building and rather than simply leave it at that, I thought it would be an intersting urban experiment to let other artist's put up their work to make the building less sucky and more awesome. Hence, I've started a poorly organized 'urban regeneration' project called 'Post No Bills, Post Pretty Art' that looks at putting up some nice pieces over the boarded up windows on this downtown building. When I say poory organized, I mean that I'm just looking for other Edmonton artist's to talk to and see if they're interested in making a downtown block awesome. Check the .pdf here for more info.


For those wondering about the revision:

My original intention was to call it Make It Not Suck 2009 in tribute to a previous street art install in Edmonton, but the organizer of that event seemed extremely offended by the prospect(although I'm wondering if I was just talking to a prankster....). So I've pulled a 180 and changed the name to something I had originally posted, but I believe the intentions of making something cool are still there, albeit spun in a different way. I guess, in the end, I don't have enough skinny jeans or fixed gear bikes stuffed in my closet for me to obtain Edmonton street cred.??? Apologies to all those that I have offended--I didn't mean to and I admit I don't have the best silver tongue when approaching people.



April 28, 2009 (Toronto)


oh shizam...we got accepted into the 'sketchPAD' exhibition happening October 3-4, 2009 in Toronto, ON., Canada at the always awesome Gladstone Hotel. I know this is super early to announce this, but hey we're pretty stoked abou the whole thing...


April 20, 2009-420!!! (The Entire World...hopefully) Orphans Plush LAUNCH


Released the Orphans Plush into the wilds--check 'em out here! `So I totally disappeared into the studio for the past month or so to design and make these little guys and it's with great relief and pleasure to have them finally leave the comfy confines of the studio. They'll be making their way around a smattering of gallery shows during the up coming months, but you can always pick one up online!


March 14, 2009 (London)


Old studio pics of The Orphans in progress. The scale is impressive in an interior setting... but totally p.o.'d the landlord...


--Feb. 14, 2009 (Edmonton) ICE HANDS!

I though this idea was quite a nice addition to the Natural Urban Interventions series...

More thoughts about these on our on our poorly updated blog...

And the hands are NOT making gang signs. Considering it's V-Day, I figure the hands signing 'L-O-V'E' seemed appropriate, if a bit aw-shucks sappy.


Jan. 30, 2009

New site update, with all that fancy CSS and actual HTMLing this time. And it's super yellow...enjoy.


Dec. 6 2008

Up and running! But looking kinda ghetto... Will promise to make this look so much more awesome in the months to come.





















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